Located in historic downtown Ada Oklahoma, following are a few pictures of the renovation of our new office.


10-30-07 - It was a RadioShack before we bought the building


10-30-07 - One of our up and coming programmers enjoying the open spaces of retail.


11-13-07 - Demolition has started.


12-19-07 - Starting to look more like an office!  The finished floors in the main area should actually look pretty similar to what they look like in this picture.


1-24-08 - Sheetrock and Paint make a lot of difference.


1-24-08 - Still pretty wide open.


2-8-08 - Trim and Tile


2-28-08 - From the front window looking in - All of the trim is done now


2-28-08 - Small conference room is finished


2-28-08 - We have running water!


2-28-08 - In the kitchen too!


2-28-08 - In the kitchen hallway, looking towards the street


2-29-08 - All cleaned up, floors ready to stain


3-3-08 - Floors are stained


3-10-08 - Furniture is in!


3-10-08 - Furniture is in!


3-10-08 - New sign is up


From our clients . . .

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jake Cantrell, Cantrell Solutions, Inc., for the past five years. The experience has been very rewarding from a professional standpoint. They have always done what they said they would do and they have done it in a timely manner. On more than one occasion, they have saved the day with the managed data protection services which they provide. I would gladly recommend them to anyone and I will continue to value their services."
C. C. Buxton, III, CPA
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