Located in historic downtown Ada Oklahoma, following are a few pictures of the renovation of our new office.


10-30-07 - It was a RadioShack before we bought the building


10-30-07 - One of our up and coming programmers enjoying the open spaces of retail.


11-13-07 - Demolition has started.


12-19-07 - Starting to look more like an office!  The finished floors in the main area should actually look pretty similar to what they look like in this picture.


1-24-08 - Sheetrock and Paint make a lot of difference.


1-24-08 - Still pretty wide open.


2-8-08 - Trim and Tile


2-28-08 - From the front window looking in - All of the trim is done now


2-28-08 - Small conference room is finished


2-28-08 - We have running water!


2-28-08 - In the kitchen too!


2-28-08 - In the kitchen hallway, looking towards the street


2-29-08 - All cleaned up, floors ready to stain


3-3-08 - Floors are stained


3-10-08 - Furniture is in!


3-10-08 - Furniture is in!


3-10-08 - New sign is up


From our clients . . .

"Our commitment to our clients includes managing their patient billing and collection procedures. We help make them more efficient and more profitable. Cantrell Solutions provides us with secure managed data protection so that we donít have to worry about losing all of our data due to theft or a natural disaster. What a relief it is to know that the patient-critical data we manage for our doctors is safe and secure."
Jeri Yates, Keystone Medical Solutions
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