Cantrell Solutions Managed Data Protection
The Problem

With many small businesses counting on computers to store important customer data, accounts receivables, family photos, and more, a failed hard drive brings business to a crashing halt.  There are many stories of small businesses forced to shut their doors after a natural disaster wiped out their computer systems.  Buildings can be rebuilt, computers repurchased, but data is gone forever.

The Solution

Cantrell Solutions offers secure automatic fully managed data protection and storage solutions for small businesses.  In the past, data protection was limited to large companies with infinite IT budgets.  Now with our service any business of any size can leave the office in the evening knowing that their data is safe.

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

Our custom software will be loaded on each computer that you wish to back up, automatically sending your important information directly to our backup servers in multiple geographic locations.

All your information is securely stored in an encrypted file format. These files can only be accessed using our software with a password known only by you.

Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of your data, enabling you to maintain uninterrupted profitability of your business in the event of a catastrophic data failure or natural disaster.

Prepare for Disaster Now!

Whether it is a hardware failure, fire, flood, tornado, theft or any number of disasters, Cantrell Solutions can reliably and securely protect your business.

Take action now before it is too late.

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From our clients . . .

“There are a lot of IT choices in the market. But when we need help on our systems, we need help NOW! The Cantrell Solutions people are not only highly knowledgeable, they are incredibly RESPONSIVE. Two weeks after Cantrell Solutions installed our data protection system, we had a major accounting system crash. We went down at 4pm and by 8am the next morning they had us back up and running. That kind of service is hard to find in the IT world.”
Mickey Thompson, Partner-CEO, True Energy Services
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